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What are sylphs?

Sylphs are elemental beings of the air (some say they look like fairies) who live and play in the clouds. Their purpose is to deliver messages to humans and other beings.


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In the Gallery, you can see artwork of what other kids think sylphs look like and submit your own. The Gallery also features images of Iceland, where some scenes in The Society of Sylphs take place.

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To read an excerpt from The Society of Sylphs, click The Book page.

Want to see sylphs?

Just look up in the sky for thin, wispy sylph-clouds that look like angels or unusual cloud formations. 

Sylphs are invisible, but what we see in the sky are the sylph-clouds that they have created for us to admire.


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The Cloud of the Week

Fabulous cloud photo taken in Canada.  It's called "Fire Breathing Dragon".  Can you see it?


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